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Let's cut to the chase. You need a copywriting saviour, I so happen to know where to find one *wink wink  


My name is Selma Papapavlou

Conversion copywriter, social media ace, SEO copy wiz, Seinfeld buff, coffee connoisseur; a Jackie of all trades.


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My Services

Differentiating Your Brand

Travel Apps

All things Content

Blog posts, email campaigns, website copy oh my!

 Constantly planning and writing blog posts, web copy, newsletters, email campaigns etc can be ALL-CONSUMING! 

Let me ask you this. Shouldn’t you be out there building your empire? It's time to let go, delegate and let a word-nerd do it. 

Think of me as that kid, back in day, you would pay to do your homework for you. Let's collaborate.

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If you build, oops sorry, add them, they will come.

SEO words are like cryptic clues that lead you to that hidden treasure. Adding SEO words, could take your page from “just another page” to “THE go-to page”.


Find out more.

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Social Media Marketing

Create content that stops a skimming scroller in their tracks.

Social Media is here to stay whether you like it or not. You and I both know in order to gain genuine followers and build brand awareness, creating consistent, relevant social media content is key. 

Do you even have time for that?  Let’s chat.

Video Call

Copywriting Coach

Show me the Copy!!!!!

Need someone to spruce up your copy from “Wow” to “Whooaaaa!” Need a second or tenth glance over your copy before you hit publish/send/post? Having someone to edit and/or re-jig copy can provide reassurance that you’re on the right track or that you need to be redirected back on that track.


Ready to find out more?! YES COACH!

“I have not worked with a copywriter before, so it was a great pleasure to work with. Her process was very streamlined and professional, and she made it easy for me to answer the briefing questions. I really enjoyed seeing my business presented in a new light, as it's not often we get to see how our business is perceived by others. I would recommend working with her for all your copywriting needs."

Michael Lezaja, Pinnacle Buyers Agents QLD


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