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Here is a showcase of my latest copywriting work. To assist you with your navigation, click on the logos, titles or "click here" sections to download the PDF versions of my work. Happy reading!

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Here is a showcase of a few pieces I completed for our guest client during the The Copy School 6 week Guest Client experience. You will find an A4 Flyer, 3 versions of a FB carousel ad, an email and FB Ad. Click here.


Here are a collection of copywriting pieces I had completed during my 3 week internship at The Shot of Copy. 3 sets of Introduction and Reactivation emails for 3 different clients and a re-edited Facebook post.

Click Here. 

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Here are a collection of Copywriting pieces I had completed for the Copywriting Essentials curse via Australian Writers' Centre. You'll find a A4 Yoga business flyer, a business promotional letter, a list of headlines and examples of taglines. Click here.


Here is a 'About us' copywriting piece I completed for Maldon Rose. The extensive copy will be a base for different sections of their site. Click Here.

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